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No man is an island…

Woke up this morning to fog and light rain! Alleluia! Last night, when I arrived, I could get little sense that I was on an island, thanks to it being dark which meant I couldn’t see the edges; now, this morning, it is the same, this time thanks to fog. When the fog lifted for a moment I could just see the line of Chesil Beach, which connects Portland to the main land, but that was it. So much of islandness seems to depend upon being able to see the edges. But these edges are constantly shifting, especially now that we are working so hard to raise sea levels. At different times Portland has been submerged, an island (unconnected to the mainland), and a hill surrounded by dry land, depending on where the sea was at the time. What is intriguing at this moment in time is that the sea bed around Portland has recently been scanned in 3D. (I know, everything is going digital!) A complete map of the surrounding seabed is now available to work with, and I intend to: intend to work with the islandness of Portland and see if I can change it in some way.

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