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So this is an ecoid

For the Confluence project in the North Devon Biosphere Reserve, this is the basic piece of kit I am working with. Called an Ecoid, it is able to measure aspects of the environment (such as humidity, temperature and, through the loop of elastic protruding out of the top, stretch or movement) and to relay these recordings back to a computer, the information hopping wirelessly from ecoid to ecoid until it finally reaches the computer some kilometres away (hopefully in a warm dry room!). We, that is the four artists on the project, including Simon Warner, Anthony Lyons and Jon Piggott are all working on adapting this basic model to our needs. Simon and I are working on a floating ecoid – which we have dubbed ‘aquoid’ – to let free in the River Torridge. I am also looking into ways of measuring my own personal response to the environment, through the use of a wearable lie detector, against the measurements that ecoids would produce for the same environment. Well, it is early days…

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