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The many forms of tranquility

This is a map of tranquility of the Torridge watershed: red for less tranquil, green for more. Strange: I find it a particularly untranquil representation! Anyway, there is the estuary, and its two branches, the upper one for the Taw river and the lower for the Torridge, the locus for my Biosphere commission. This commission is beginning to take shape around the idea of tranquility: both the search for tranquility that is most often stated as the reason for visiting the countryside, but also a sense of tranquility from the overflow of data that surrounds us. Rather than seeing tranquility as a property of a site, I see it more as the space that it leaves within you to find your own equilibrium. A space that gives subjective rather than sonic quietness. And what to do with all the data I am collecting for the project? Hmmm

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