Roach in car

Down on Portland today, picking up some roach stone from Albion to put into the CT scanner at Southampton University. I now have three blocks sitting in the back of the car which should slow my progress back up the motorway tomorrow. At last, this project is moving from the theoretical into the actual! I wandered around the offcuts yard with the company geologist searching for the perfect piece of roach with as many fossils in it as possible. I also had a tour down the mine looking at the features that only the trained eye would understand: fossilised root patterns on the ceiling of the mine, also massive fossilised sand ripples created by a massive storm. Down there, in the underground grid of modern mining, it is a curious mix of the magical (when you think of how this stone was made) and the practical (lots of stone going to London at the moment for the Olympics. Check out a few of the newly refitted tube stations and you might well find a Portland fossil staring back at you!) Thanks Mark for showing me around today.

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