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Transforming the roach III

Yesterday evening was spent in the nave of the cathedral filming one of the masons shaping the roach stone from Portland into the cylinder needed for the next step of the process: the CT scanner. But this stone is a mason’s nightmare, hard shells embedded in soft stone and riddled with holes (the pseudomorphs of shelly creatures from the Jurassic). To watch the variety of tools and techniques used to slowly coax the block into a cylinder was brilliant…and the sounds! The sounds of all the different tools echoing around this building which is, in effect, a massive stone resonance chamber (with a 7-second referb) was quite something. Sound and stone colliding. Just from its surface the roach intrigues, with the shapes and voids half revealing the fossilised forms within. But I am now really looking forward to seeing inside this roach cylinder with the CT scanner. Thanks Ian for doing such a great job!

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