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Contemporary Jurassic

Here in the studio I have been looking at the end of the stone cylinder carved in the cathedral by a traditional mason, now ready for the scanner at Southampton University. It is possible to see two version of old: first the stone, with the shell spaces and spirals from the Jurassic; and then the surface lines made by the mason’s tool as well as his identifying mark (what looks like ‘IV’ with a line through it), little changed since medieval times and used to identify which mason had cut that stone, and therefore who to pay. What interests me is to see if these features will find a common ground once scanned: stripped of their materiality and the way they were produced, whether the 3D model created in the computer can bring a timelessness to this cylinder, allowing old and new to sit side by side. Not long to go now: April 25th has been set for the scan!

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