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Lost and found

Rain, floods, cloudy – we almost didn’t go, but when we got out to the Race the sun came out! It was so good to get onto the sea at last. So necessary to shake things up. We set the raft floating with the waterproof camera attached and then backed off to let the tide take it through the Race. That was the last we saw of it! A hour and a half searching on the other side and nothing. So we headed home hoping that someone might find it washed up 0n a beach in the next few days, only to find the raft on our way back to Weymouth, five miles from where we had put it into the water. What a perfect day!  Whilst searching we had plenty of time to watch the currents and yes, now I know why the Race is depicted as solid: you feel it as such; the waves coming from every direction, suddenly a calm area, then a spot where the water is spitting up, standing waves all around, and the whole thing with a distinct outline. When we put the microphones underwater a strange clicking sound amongst all the watery sounds. Thanks Shaun for stearing us through, and Matt for all your support. 

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