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Goodbye Portland

It is five am. I am staying in the tower of the Old Lower Lighthouse (now the Portland Bird Observatory, or ‘Obs’ as it is known) and have slept with the windows wide open. I need to leave soon to resume life elsewhere. Looking out the sky is clear, the air still warm, a half moon lights the sea and the Bill below, surrounded by bright stars. I can see right across to St Aldhelm’s Head, over the red and white lights of the occasional boat. To the right the four beams of the new lighthouse swing and probe silently out across the sea, silently returning every twenty seconds. The wind is strong and gusty from the west, the remains of a recent storm. This place has really got under my skin. I will be sad to leave. As I walk down the stairs, curving to the left, I start to thinking ‘what is the real link between places and ideas?’. Might it be that Portland, in some way, contains the idea of the pseudomorph? That ideas have places and places are ideas? (11/9/12)


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