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Sinistral spirals only please

CWPSporeModel2Working with Gareth Beale, we are beginning to model a stonewort oospore, with its beautiful five-spiral structure. I always find this stage both exciting and dead: for me, computer models have a pedantic side to them, deadening; but when I look at it as the raw material for something else then it comes alive, and so it is with the model. This basic structure is a highly persistent form; it can be traced as far back to fossilised oospores from the Jurassic. However, way back then there were oospores that spiralled to the left, and other species that spiralled to the right, whereas today we have only the latter. Now, why might this be? Can there be any evolutionary advantage in spiralling one way rather than another? Thanks Nick for filling me in on the finer details of these amazing plants.

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