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Time for the movies

A little gift for the new year to all of you who receive this blog regularly: movies! (I must admit, it has been some time coming, but finally I have taken the plunge.) I have always wanted this blog to be somewhat of a quiet place, a space for contemplation and information, a pause from the normal frenetic atmosphere of internet life. So I kept to still images. But, hopefully, I can maintain that even with a few movies included. So, first up (testing, testing, testing), the ‘project wall’ I put together last month: from top left you have Petrichor (River Torridge), Petrichor (animated pebble), blog exerts, Pseudomorph, Tuned Landscapes (National Wetlands Centre Wales), Technetium Dispatches (Nuclear Medicine Department Gloucester hospital), Forgetful Worlds, Horesetail and Spacetime. I hope you like it.

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