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Fumigating bronze

CWP patination smVisited Pangolin today, the massive bronze foundry just up the valley from my studio in Stroud. I am looking into how the (printed) bronze spore cases might be treated through patination. Strange to be back in the world of traditional, long-lasting, big sculpture (last encountered when studying sculpture at the Royal College, which had a bronze foundry attached). Patination here involves heating up the bronze and then applying different chemicals to the surface, layering colours and textures to the object. My seeds, coming in at around 15mm in length, are somewhat on the small side for the usual painted process, and so it looks like they will need be fumigated: heated up and then placed into a chemical-rich atmosphere with which the hot surface of the bronze can react. I am intrigued: for me, it is the copper element in bronze that interests me and the way that it reacts to water. Thanks Steve for showing me around and I look forward to the results of the experimentation.

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