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Frog does the crawl

WS frog smIt is a delight to come across a museum that is a simple collection of objects related by their proximity and little else. Free from being told what to think, or what the relevance is of every item (however speculative, such as in the Ice Age Art show in the British Museum that I went to see last week), you can come up with your own story. Woodspring has its own small museum in a part of the church that wasn’t converted into the house. In it lies this lead frog, one arm raised above its head, the other down by its side – swimming the crawl! The frog was found a few years back when clearing out a pond nearby (true, really, the guy who found it visited today). Why lead? Why the crawl? Why such detail as all the spots down its back? I love mysterious objects such as this! (Hopefully I will be able to get it out of the cabinet tomorrow to take a closer look.) Thanks Ed for filling me in on how this amphibian was found.

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