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Memory water

Cabinet spring smDriving along and I see a couple by the side of the road collecting water from the gutter in clear plastic bottles. Well, that is what it looked like at first. Turns out that the water is from Saint Anthony’s Well just up the hill, and they travel a considerable distance each week to come and collect “flouride-free” drinking water for their children. Also, she tells me how flouride is linked to memory and her memory has improved since drinking the water regularly. Well I know that the water from this well is meant to cure any skin condition if you drink it seven times in the month of May, but I hadn’t heard the connection with memory. I could certainly do with some if this is the case, as my memory is appalling (I even did my art degree thesis on living without memory!) This memory water set me off thinking about the difference between change and progress: spring water rather than tap water could be seen as trying to turn the clock back, against progress, or it could be seen as a positive change, aligning ourselves more closely with nature to increase sustainability. Either way, I intend to include some well water in the cabinet. Thank you (in my rush I didn’t catch your names) for giving me a bottle of the water to take with me.

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