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Branch on shelf

Cabinet wordpress sketch 002Continuing to work on the cabinet design and exploring new ways of linking library and Forest. Designing the cabinet to fit a tree was an initial idea (see my previous post), but now we are moving in the direction of bringing a piece of the Forest into the library: (metaphorically) putting a branch on a shelf. Imagine a branch sliced into segments and then every other segment removed and replaced with a book: branch, book, branch, book… The cabinet could then ‘grow’ out of this hybrid form, extruding outwards from the shelf, sitting on the front of the bookcase like a fungal growth. What is taking time is to design this so that it can all be cut out of a single sheet of material, and then put together as you would a piece of flat-packed furniture. Here are a few more sketches from this process. (Image: collection of sketches from myself and the designer-makers at Miller Howard Workshop)

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