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Up on the Downs

Uppark osterleyJust out of art college we set up the first incarnation of artNucleus – Reinhild, Pauline and myself – and our first show was in Osterley Park House, a stately home on the edge of London. Called ‘Below Stairs’, it brought together the work of ten artists in the old servants quarters below the main house. My piece, Acanthus, showed a gloved hand slowly, lovingly, ambiguously tracing around the intricate plant-motiffed plaster work that covered the walls of the rooms upstairs. The glove used was then pinned against the wall behind a sheet of glass. This comes to mind now since the chance has arisen to work in another stately home, this time Uppark on the South Downs, not far from where I grew up. Curated by Unravelled Arts, my thoughts are turning the exhibition there in 2014 focussed on using birdsong to bridge between the tapestried interior and the birdlife of the downs outside. Looking forward to working with you, Unravelled.

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