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Cutting pattern

Cabinet cutting playWe have now got the cutting pattern ready for the cabinet. The wood elements are going to be cut with laser, which will leave a dark line around the edges where the laser has burnt the wood. Looks good. The clear acrylic will be cut with waterjet; well, it is in fact a fine jet of water with sand in it. This leaves a clean but opaque edge, so my next job is to then flame polish this to make it transparent. In the meantime, I have been getting the blog ready for printing, and that includes a section of the cutting pattern, as you can see here. Thanks Tomas for finalising the pattern in a busy week.

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  1. Nearly there! I love this cutting map – reminiscent of sixties textile design, it echoes a repetitive, tessellating pattern. But the natural form that has provided the data is organic by nature, so the tile do not interlock, instead, the subtle nuances will combine to provide a visual replication of its source in 3d.

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