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Heritage soundscape

Uppark visitSite visit to Uppark House yesterday where I met with the head gardener (@UpparkHG) and curators to talk about bringing birdsong into the house. The garden team avoid using power tools during opening hours (that includes lawn moving, and there are some big lawns at Uppark!) in order to conserve the natural tranquility and soundscape that would have been associated with the house when it was built. Interesting  concept that: heritage soundscapes. Well, apart from the odd jet it was pretty tranquil up there on the South Downs yesterday afternoon, and plenty of birds to choose from. Yesterday’s visit was like passing through the wardrobe into Narnia. Must return in the spring to record the dawn chorus there. Andy, Polly and Caitlin: great to  meet up and to get a chance to listen to the sounds of Uppark.

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