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Dreaming Waterhay

CWP aerialFrom the air, the Old Chancel at Waterhay is bound by a beautifully eccentric pattern of hedges, remnants of bygone usages, different times layered one upon another. To me, this is a picture of dreaming, of past and present overflowing the borders of each another, and so the perfect site to present Alluvium, the work I am making from my time as artist-in-residence in the Cotswold Water Park. Alluvium will, as the title suggests, be water based, also time porous, past present and future mingling. For this, I am going to be trying something new: to write a text that is not just a description, or explanation of the other work, but something that will stand by itself, alongside the sculptures, prints and soundscapes that I have in mind. I have been awarded a bursary from VASW for a week-long ‘artist critical writing’ residential in January at the Arvon Foundation in Devon. I have been introducing writing in my work more and more (well, this blog being one sign of that), but this will be the first time it is intended to be part of the presented work, rather than a commentary. That week will be a time for dreaming. And in the meantime, to all of you who read this blog thanks, it really makes a difference to me and my work, and Best Wishes for christmas and the new year. See you in 2014!

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