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Chesil remodelled

Verne chesil storm smThe Verne: Two people look on from in front of the Cove House Inn on Chesil Beach as the rescue helicopter’s lights illuminate the surging seas two nights ago. What a storm! The flood-warning sirens were sounded, the first time in many decades, as the waves battered the island. Thousand of tons of pebbles have been flung around, completely reshaping the beach. I arrived onto Portland in the dark this evening and stopped off to take a look (also to check whether the pop-up pizza van in the car park behind the beach was still there!), to find drizzly wind blowing off a sea that is much calmer now. The storms have been rolling in from the west quick and acute over the past few weeks. I have watched as my barograph plumbed new depths, bobbing down and back up as each weather system moves through. It doesn’t matter for what reason you come to Portland, sometimes you just have to stop and realise that this is simply a big rock sticking out into a forbidding sea. The elementals are very strong around here. I will hopefully be able to turn my mind to the prison tomorrow, as I start preparations for filming there in a month, just before the detainees arrive. Oh, and, Happy New Year to you!

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