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Verne debris smThe Verne: Coming onto the island yesterday evening, I had to wait for the floods on the causeway behind Chesil Beach to subside before I could get on. The beach was being pounded by massive waves, the water driven right through the pebble ridge to the road in its lee. But I wasn’t prepared for this: the lower road in Chiswell strewn with debris, pebbles thrown some 50 metres over houses, as well as rocks and what looked like bits of buildings lying across the road. Most confusingly, a battered wooden-planked boat cracked down one side from the force of the storm, a rope ‘mooring’ it to the telegraph pole at its stern. What I am trying to work out is why am I here now, in über-weather February, not an easy time to film; perhaps to remind me that the Verne doesn’t exist in isolation (inspite of what it can feel once inside), it is part of this rock stuck out in the sea, part of the wider life of Portland, and that needs to come into the work too. I have just found this which shows the waves topping Chesil.

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