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Unexpected appearance

CWP bittern head insideSometimes a project throws up an image that stops you in your tracks: the question then becomes whether to exclude it or whether I need to change the direction of the work to accommodate it. Just such an image has come out of working on the video for ‘A Space for the Bittern’. This is it. Still pondering…

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  1. Seeing the video, hearing you explaining the work, today, that you have been carrying out on this project, experiencing the space in the chancel at Waterhay, and listening to Elle’s lovely poem which she has composed for the project, has left me with a wish to see you take this project further. I look forward to having, whether it be in video, vocal or text format, a copy of her poem. Congratulation on stirring the old grey matter of an 80 year old.

  2. The stonewort egg shape is such a perfect example of spirals in nature, of which there are many. Very Fibonacci, they were waiting there all along in the ancient mud! Really enjoyed your work at Waterhay and look forward to hearing more.

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