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CWP outside picA final image from ‘A Space for the Bittern’, and a thank you to the more than 100 people that came to see the installation at Waterhay (on a weekend of unpredictable weather) and to the more than 200 of you who have come across it through this blog. I know that some of you who came were expecting to see the inflatable structure actually in place; but that was not all that you missed, there was the procession too. This missing, being slightly out of time, too early for somethings too late for others, was intentionally embedded into the whole project. It was interesting how this image changed when viewed in the space that it represented. Positioned at the west end of what was once the nave of the church and inside the space that would be enclosed by the inflated membrane, the imaginary structure took on a new resonance, almost as if by not being there it became stronger in peoples’ minds. I had my expectations confounded too, with comments such as “looks as if it has been generated by sound waves” and “I would love to hear the sound of the rain falling on it” Thank you.

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