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Rare spotting of a Droitie

CRT otter smThere we were, about 11pm at night, filming bats skimming over the canal when suddenly a white something entered the frame (white because I was using the infrared camera set to show warm objects in white). Reminiscent of Nessie, it motored from right to left, on up the canal, at quite a speed with a fan-shaped wake trailing behind. Chasing along the towpath in the dark with the camera image as my only guide, Mark (ecologist) was ahead of me with torch in hand following my erratic directions trying to catch the animal in the spotlight to identify it, all thoughts of bats were lost, Well, finally he did catch up with it and identified it as a rare sighting of an otter. And the name, ah, well, we spotted it on the Droitwich canal, you see! Pity Neil that you had left 10 mins before!

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