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Passage #05: it’s all about play

Verne ricochet v2A couple of firsts for me today. The first 1,000 visitors have seen ‘Passage’, which is quite unbelievable (congratulations to b-side for setting this up!) and really exciting. What is especially encouraging is the wide range of the audience coming to the Verne; some for the architecture and they stumble across the art, some for the art and they are bowled over by the architecture, and plenty somewhere in-between. The second first is being interviewed via Twitter which you can see here. You sometimes need to hear yourself speak (or tweet) before you realise what you think. Well, Ricochet (15 min video projection at the top of the spiral staircase) is all about play, and the vibrations you feel in your rib cage as the sound penetrates you and then is funnelled down the staircase to the rest of the installation and on out into the moat below. You just have to be there to experience it!


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