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Passage #8–#10: last one out please…

Verne last one smThe last few days of ‘Passage’ became so hectic I wasn’t able to keep up with my promise of a picture a day: hence #8–#10 all rolled into one. Apologies. The b-side festival seemed to reach another level this year: there was a buzz around the whole island, and I kept meeting people who were ‘just on the way to see…’ or who had ‘just come from seeing…’ Up at the The Verne, as we had to count everyone in and our for security reasons, we recorded more than 3,200 visitors in the 10 days! Queues across the bridge into the south gate. It would be nice to think that they were all coming to see the artwork…but even working on our impression that one third came for the art and two-thirds for the place (and then encountered the artwork as an extra) that still puts the figure at more than 1,000. That number of visitors has thrown up lots of questions as to how best to introduce visitors to the place and work when the sheer volume of people started to get in the way. I am working on the idea of tour guides. I gave a few tours and they seemed to be very successful, but that could be extended. So we finally closed ‘Passage’ at 4.30pm on the Sunday and we had extracted the whole exhibition and the prison doors had clanged shut for one last time behind us by 6.30pm. I still can’t quite believe that I had the opportunity to show at The Verne: it will resonate within me for quite some time to come. And a massive ‘thank you’ to Graham (pictured here) who handled the security for the show, dealing with more visitors than anyone had predicted. Graham quite literally ‘held the fort’ in the face of this mass invasion. Last one out…

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