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BackstoriesLooking back to see forward, that is what this show is all about. It is the first time that I have brought together a number of different projects in one place. What is so encouraging it just how connected they all are. On Friday night I talked about the backstories behind each of the objects to a live audience, and the words just flowed, no problem is finding connections, continuity – or as the musician and composer Frank Zappa called it, ‘conceptual continuity’.  Aside from completed works, there are also works-in-progress on show, such as this wearable head piece in the shape of a Bittern, that will lead a procession (to climate change) of the banners that you see behind. I am working on this  with artist Ced Titcombe (a master of cardboard and glue gun). When it is complete it will be painted in the colours of the bird: what you see at the moment is the underpainting in preparation for the final plumage. This whole show has been really good for me, confirming a underlying intent that I have felt about the work for some time now, but found it hard to express. Already thinking about Backstories #02! Thanks Dug for putting me onto the ideas of Zappa, and thanks Ced for letting me show the bittern before it is ready. I promise I will get it back to you soon!

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