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A place to rest

Observatory comet cliffsThere is something familiar about this image. It reminds me a of a place to rest at the seaside, with your back against the rock, a little pocket of smooth warm sand at the base of the cliff on which to sit, the sound of sea gulls wafting on the wind. Alternatively the lighting hints at a film set, with the action just about to happen, the hero will come around the corner entering stage left. The one thing I seem unable to do with any authority is to imagine just what it would be like to be there, sitting at the base of this cliff on Comet P67 – so cold, so dark, so silent. If we cannot make sense of what we are seeing it is almost impossible to actually see it, instead a series of alternative readings flashing through our minds until we settle upon one and the object of our gaze comes into focus (even if later it turns out to be incorrect). Perhaps it is the same here. Until I can get a handle of being there, then this photo will just have to continue hovering between film set and Cornish beach. Happy New Year! (Pic from ESA)

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