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Cool to be sincere?

Observatory hunger mountain smDo you find that books just turn up at the right time, quite unintentionally? This has happened so often to me that I am beginning to believe there the universe has a hidden motive. Well, it has just happened again: here I am starting in the Observatory (the website of which is based at the Winchester Science Centre which has a wonderful planetarium (so my head is a bit in the stars) and I find myself sitting in the Centre’s cafe (great food by the way, loved the Thai Chicken soup) reading that “if we are sincere, our inner thoughts are the same as our outer thoughts, which take the form of spoken words” and that at is most fundamental this identification of inside with out, sincerity, “is the elemental structure of our Cosmos.” Whoa there! Hang on a sec, need to take a deep breath and start again. I’ll write more on this once I have had a chance to read the whole book, but in the meantime check out this article about a favourite artist of mine who is “such a good advertisement for sincerity”. The book? Hunger Mountain by David Hinton (but see if you can buy it somewhere else apart from tax-dodging insincere Amazon, which is relevant here since the Observatory is a public art project funded from… taxes)

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