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Finding my place

Observatory first day smI have been trying to find my feet today in the Observatory; start to get a feel for the place. The overwhelming feeling at the moment is of floating: perhaps quite literally because the structure sits above the ground, raised on its turntable, an island surrounded by grass; perhaps it is because it is all very new, the cabins are still being tinkered with to fix the last few things, and then there is the official opening tomorrow invading my space (yes, my space!); perhaps it is because of the location, surrounded by intrusions: the busy Science Centre just behind bustling with hundred of school children every day, the builders next door blasting out Radio One, the dual carriageway below full of noisy traffic. So I shut the doors, turned the cabin towards the Downs, sat on the floor (so I couldn’t see the road), put the charcoal heater on, and pretended to be on Walden Pond. Worked for a while. It is strange: normally I am really keen to take in all the particulars of the site; but now that I am the site, the artist in the cage, the work is quietly shifting elsewhere: back in time into the ground (delving for chalk) or up into the heavens (feeling my way to Philae). Maybe that is why this photo ended up on the wall, staking a claim. No points for guessing who… Look at that telly! Screen time an issue even in those days!

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