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Finding my voice

Observatory opening smThis afternoon was the opening for The Observatory project in Winchester and each of the three artists to be resident here, Isabella Martin, Sean Harris and myself, had to give a quick introduction to their work in front of an invited audience in the Planetarium. It is a strange acoustic in there, somehow it makes you feel that you are speaking only to yourself. Anyway, I find it hard to describe how I work as it doesn’t fit neatly into any category, is not restricted to a single medium (“are you a painter or sculptor?”) or driven by a single obsession. I hope my open curiosity, flexibility and explorative nature are strengths but they are often seen as a weakness, a lack of focus. So I heard myself confronting this head on today (I never know exactly what I am going to say until I say it) with the description that I ‘don’t do anything in particular‘ and then proceeded to describe what I have done in the past as a way of describing what I might do in the future. Well, it seemed to work. The focus should always be on what you are doing rather than who is doing it. So here is where I am not going to be doing anything ‘in particular’ over the next few weeks. Bottle of methylated spirits bottom right for lighting the charcoal heater, my blog pasted to the window, and the Science Centre behind. Cold, cold, cold this morning until the sun got up.

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