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Flint nautilus

Observatory nautilus smFlint is where I am looking at the moment, the flints that are found inside the chalk. The two materials are just so different – hard/soft; grey-brown/white; one you can cut with/the other draw – and the dividing line between them so sharp, one doesn’t flow into the other, there is no transition. It is as if the flints are floating in a sea of chalk, alien. Flint takes many forms, sometimes amorphous shapes, other times fossils, as in this case where the flint has assumed the shape of the nautilus it replaced. Here you are looking at the open end, where the head of the animal would have protruded, with the shell curled away from you. Somewhere I think this object might just be the turning point I am looking for in this project. Just got to figure out how now. Thanks Adam for loaning me your flint collection.

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