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First outing for the Library Digester

Library digester sm copyThe Library Digester (seen here in its travelling case) is a structure designed to disrupt library shelves, the clear acrylic ‘books’ (with the imprint of a tree branch within) slotting between the books on a shelf, infiltrating them like a fungus. Protruding from these ‘fungal’ books are a series of hoops that hold plywood tubes. These tubes, suspended just in front of the shelf and enclosing a small space within, are then available as a place of exchange: books selected from the shelf can be put inside, alongside objects, texts, images, sound recordings or anything else that someone might want to associate or swap with them. The tubes can them become a place of exchange, holding a constantly evolving collection of things; a place to interrogate and take a fresh look at the ideas and stories contained in the shelves behind through swapping books, linking them with other items, or simply leaving a Postit note with a comment. In this way the Digester can become the catalyst for conversations, a forum based on informal swapping. The Library Disgester came out of the Cabinet of Change project, managed by Flow Contemporary Arts, for the Forest of Dean. The design was a collaboration with Millar Howard Workshop.Its first outing has been for ‘MycoCulture’, an exhibition organised by Dominic Thomas around the launch of his micro-farm Fungusloci

Library digester 2 sm

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