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Back to art school

Observatory chalk drawing 2 smAll the life drawing classes I have attended in the past (models of various sizes in various poses, the odd mix of people behind the easels), making a painting of a mackerel for my O-level exam and having to brush the fish with water (to stop it drying out under the lights) more often than brushing colour on the paper, the hectic-exciting-liberating creative splurge that was Camberwell Foundation (when I left my job and returned to study art in my 30s) and all the drawing I did for that (still have my portfolio somewhere), all these things rear up every time I try to draw for effect, rather than as a way of note taking. Day to day, in my notebook, my drawings are simply references to other things, trying to capture an idea in a rather inelegant notation before it is forgotten; but today, starting on the chalk drawings, these are different, visual, the way they look matters. Unfamiliar territory for me these days…but I do recognise the calm timeless feeling that you get once immersed in drawing. I just have to get all those memories out of the way first!

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