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Open Studio…ish

Open studios smIt is the Stroud Open Studios this and next weekend – do come! Eighty two artists will be showing their work, and in the case of Stroud a studio can be anything from an old industrial building, a shed at the bottom of a lovely Cotswold garden, someone’s front kitchen, or one of the studios here at Stroud Valleys Artspace. Often, it is just as much fun seeing the location as the work: when the weather is good (and there are plenty of chances to snack along the way) what more could you wish for! As for here, that is Studio 15 at SVA, this is what you will see: I won’t be around in person but then this blog is my Open Studio, and that is all year round. So, a small request, if you know of one person who might be interested in this online Open Studio then please do suggest they drop by for a look. Thanks, and have a great weekend! PS: don’t forget to vote. (For those of you abroad, it is Polling Day here in the UK)

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  1. Looking through a keyhole at your current work might pawl after a bit. Can the white chalk be seen in full technicolour?

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