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Where it all becomes fluid

Chalk organic flint smToday I’m setting up for the show in The Hardwick Gallery. This is the second time in the past few months that I have relocated by studio into a gallery for a short period; and I’m finding it a good way of working. Bringing all the different elements together – drawings, materials, videos – here in the clean and clear space of the gallery, gives me the freedom to think and work that is just not possible in the studio. Too many established habits there! It’s strange: for so long I have shied away from the gallery environment exactly because of it ‘white cube’ effect, of its isolation from the world outside. Now, it is just that artificiality which I am after. The next couple of weeks I am working here with sound/music, in collaboration with the flautist Tadek. Just with that in mind, the most solid of objects seem to vibrate, fluctuate, become fluid. Looking at this flint, it is moving, turning into something else, just so slowly that I can’t see it. But then isn’t that the nature of fluidity; as much to do with the timeframe you are working with as to do with the material itself – my slow is a geologist’s fast.

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  1. I think you should mount this like a proper sculpture with a metal spike and on a pedestal. Its the most extraordinary form.

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