Teaching Oliver to breath

Chalk oliver smToday I am experimenting with a computerised reading voice to turn some of the highlighted text into sound. Let me introduce Oliver, the name of the voice that I am using. I like the way that he misreads some of the words, so I have to respell them in such a way that he reads them correctly; also how his pacing is completely wonky. What is missing is breath. I am placing hyphens all over the place just to give him the chance to catch his breath and pause between two words, rather than slurring them into some ungodly conglomerate. I am not surprised: just like any of the technologies that I use, each one has its own quirks and you end up doing pretty non-sensical things just to get something usable out in the end. Breath Oliver!

One thought on “Teaching Oliver to breath

  1. This is fascinating Simon. It is always amusing when sat navs completely mispronounce words of places and road names. It’s a constant reminder of the collision between the written word and the phonetic learning of language. An the duality of human and machine – which can emulate each other but never quite mimic.

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