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My frictionless fly

Watching videos of fly tying, I’m aware of how tight the feathers and string are tied around the hook. The fly tyer never lets the twine relax, always maintaining tension until the end is fixed, often with a final blob of glue or varnish. Everything is held together by twist upon twist of twine, binding the different elements into a mimetic shape that can then withstand the stresses of being cast onto the water, again and again, before being swallowed by a fish. In VR it couldn’t be more different: nothing is solid, there is no tension, ‘feather’ can pass through metal hook, a twist of twine can float just off the surface of the shank; there is nothing to pull against, to secure to, or to resist your movements. What you have is the idea of a fly, rather than something substantial. So as I continue to ‘draw’ in VR my ideas about what I should do with this strange frictionless medium are constantly evolving. I’m not sure where it is going to lead at the moment. [I lost the metal sheen of the hook along the way. Still trying to figure out a way of keeping that.]

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