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Meshing a network

First time I’ve been artist-in-residence in a network*. So it got me thinking about what sort of place is a network; where do you look for the interesting stuff: along the lines connecting the nodes or at the nodes themselves? This distinction is crucial, according to Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen), the former being a ‘meshwork’ the latter a ‘network’. I’m a great believer in the right books presenting themselves at the right time, and so it is with Tim’s book Lines: it has really got me thinking and couldn’t have come at a better time, as I am on holiday with time to read (also some wire and the cafe table to hand as you can see!) So I’m interested in getting in touch with anyone on the AMR network that feels they have an active, vibrant line between themselves and someone else on this microbiomial mesh-net. Do get in touch. [* technically, Creative Fellow in the Antimicrobial Resistance network at University of Exeter]

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