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The eared one

I’ve been talking with some member of the AMR network, and came across this. I guess you could say that those blobs look a bit like ears, hence the name Candida auris: but I’m not convinced. This is an image of a pathogenic fungus that has developed resistance to all our current anti-fungal drugs. What is more, out of the seven kingdoms of life on earth, the closest to us are the fungi: which might explain why most of the anti-fungal drugs that we have developed have serious side effects, whereas anti-biotics (against bacteria) are less abnoxious. But then the bacteria and viruses seem to be developing a more roundabout way of getting back at us, through our relationship to the environment. As the word suggests, ‘resistance’ involves a pushing back against something: that something is not inert, static, but has to be exerting pressure itself in the first place. So maybe if we can change that relationship we can reduce our vulnerability. [Thanks Rhys for your time. If anyone knows which lab/uni produced this beautiful picture then please do drop me a line so that I can credit them. Time to get up close to some bacteria next.]

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