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The gas man cometh

Amongst my parents’ small collection of LPs was this one. Aside from ‘Hippo Encore’ [Mud, mud, glorious mud] and ‘First and Second Law’ [of Thermodynamics], it was the song ‘The Gas Man Cometh’ that comes to mind now: it starts with the line “It was on the Monday morning that the gas man came to call…” and tells the story of how each tradesman, starting with the eponymous gas man, in attempting to fix one problem creates another which requires another tradesman to fix the following day, only to end up with the gas man having to come back the next Monday – gas man, carpenter, electrician, glazier, painter and gas man. And so it goes with my research into the AMR network: the geneticist talks about needing to collaborate with the microbiologist, who mentions the vital role of the clinician, who refers to the latest research by the social scientist, who brings in the policy maker, who notes the latest funding going into genetic sequencing. If only they all could be there on the Monday. It was on the Monday morning the artist came to call…


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