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God, azoles and rethinking the self

I wanted to find out what a philosopher could possibly be doing in the AMR network. Well, now I know. It is intriguing: turns out he is part of the team looking at agricultural fungicide use (that’s the ‘azoles’ in the title) and its affect on microbial resistance. As to the ‘god’ part, well that’s to do with bringing an alternative perspective to the table, one that questions the scientific status quo; while the reference to ‘self’ is questioning the imaginary boundaries we create to distinquish ‘ourselves’ from everything around. Earlier in this project this questioning of self came up through the study of the microbiome, this time it is coming from looking into how our understanding of immunology has evolved over the past couple of centuries. Which brings me to the image (yes, Ernst Haeckel, of course, love his stuff): of everyone I meet in the network I ask them to recommend one person/ book/ video that I should look up and this time it was a book: Philosophy of Immunology by Thomas Pradeu, which has, for some reason I’ve yet to discover, Haeckel images on the front. So, the philosophy of immunology is next on my reading list…. wish me luck! [Many thanks Andrew, you have convinced me that every science team needs a philosopher. We will speak again.]

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