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So where to start tackling the climate emergency? How about over a cup of tea? Well, not quite, but the cup did come up in my first meeting as Creative Associate (2021) at the University of Plymouth’s Sustainable Earth Institute. I’m going to be working with the Anglo-French project CobBauge, which is reimagining the ancient (low carbon, sustainable) building material of cob (bauge in french) for our thermally-challenged times.

And the cup? Well, just as you don’t need glue to stick the handle on a clay cup, so you don’t need any mortar when working with CobBauge. More on that later, but for now I’m just happy to be tackling a new project – something with which to start emerging from this lockdown hiatus. The project is going to involve thermal imaging cameras, hence the picture, and yes, its cooler to pick up that cup by the handle! [Looking forward to working with you all: Steve, Karen, Jim and Kevin.]

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