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Helmholtz 2.0

Hermann von Helmholtz, (1821–1894) is often considered to be one of the last polymaths in science: the final incarnation of a time when the whole of science could be grasped by a single person. Since then the different disciplines have gone their own ways, each expanding and becoming more specialised, segregated. Hermann comes to mind at this point in my Fellowship since what the AMR network at Exeter is attempting to do is recontruct Hermann for the world of resistance, this time not in a single body but in the shape of an interdisciplinary network: Helmholtz 2.0! And my proposal, Babel Mind (more on that later), is a portrait of this new polymath. [Ed: so if you are comparing AMR Network to Hermann, then will the network have a personality? Pic: Emilio Segre Visual Archives/AIP/SPL from Nature magazine online]

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