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Giants reborn No.4

So what are these sketches for? Will I ever make them come alive? Might they actually walk “upon England’s mountains green”? That I can’t tell you yet: at this stage they are a form of thinking out aloud; of trying to keep things moving. A way of balancing all the background research that I’m doing at the moment, which can lead to inertia: as Vron Ware puts it in her mind-bloggingly well researched book ‘Return of a Native’, “...I am constantly fighting against the pull of historical detail that draws you back to the pathless vaults without revealing anything helpful about the human predicament today. Sometimes it seems that this is all that England is: a bottomless pit of heritage possibilities. Even peeping over the edge can make yoiu feel queasy, whether with excitement, fascination or nausea. It’s not necessaritly reassuring to the nerves at all.

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