artNucleus has transformed itself many times over the years. It was started by Reinhild Beuther, Pauline le Britton and myself in the late 90s whilst studying at the Royal College of Art in London. We wanted to set up an artists’ agency to help artist gain work, and a curatorial team to bring national and international practitioners together to make critically-engaged work for specific locations.

Our first exhibition was Below Stairs, in the stately home Osterlay Park House; this was followed by Naked Nave, in Gloucester Cathedral (a week-long sonic exploration of this hallowed space) and Cattle Market, sited in a derelict Modernist livestock market which focussed on our relationship to the animal world just at the time of the foot-and-mouth crisis. From these beginnings, artNucleus went on to initiate projects in numerous locations in the UK and Germany.

With the departure of Pauline, its next iteration was as a production company for the constant flow of public art commissions that Reinhild and I undertook, including in healthcare settings, and later purely for my work in science institutions, national parks, historic buildings and more.

With Brexit and the death of my father came a shift in my work to more personal themes, under the moniker of Tallman Walking. The Tallman Walking blog, and the work that will flow from it over the next few years, are currently hosted by artNucleus.