Passage is open

Verne eMask‘Passage’ is now open at The Verne. The last few days have been pretty hectic setting up, with the usual unpredictable mix of things not working according to plan. However, now that it is all there, I am really pleased with the results. The installation is doing everything that I wanted it to do (and a bit more when it comes to the sound element). I do hope that some of you can make it to the exhibition during the ten days it is open. Here is a taster from one of the rooms.

Mable has landed

Verne mable billboardThe hawk that I filmed for ‘Passage’ is being used to advertise the b-side festival which opens this Friday. I have just been sent this pic of a billboard close to where you come onto the island. Looking forward to seeing it for myself tomorrow when I start installing. Thanks Sandy, Sally for setting this up!


Verne hood zbrush smShort post today, as busy trying to complete things before going on holiday. I am currently working with Dan Hughes McGrail on reshaping a falconry hood to fit a human head. This feels like reversing history, since the design of these hoods seems to owe so much to medieval armour. See the results as part of ‘Passage’ at the b-side festival in early September.

Wind in my headphones

Verne video edit 1I haven’t had this much fun video editing for a long time. Working with the footage – which was taken back in February is atrocious conditions (the weekend Portland got cut off thanks to the storms) – brings those turbulent days back instantly. The squash players were truly amazing, battling with the elements for “just one more take”. Now the wind is just in my headphones. I am using a longer format than usual, with the ratio 24:9, which allows me to place two images side by side on the screen (seen here with the heating towers and the buddha). Also glad to be working with the sound designer George Richards this time round. Only 24 days to go to the b-side festival


Verne stampSo when you come to see Passage (invitation will be on the way soon!) in the Verne, we are going to have to keep a tally of who goes in and who comes out, partly to ensure that noone gets left in the underground passageways, but also because this is a prison, and keeping account of numbers is high on the list of priorities. So you will be given a card when you enter which will be stamped, and then stamped a second time on exit. The question then is what should the stamp be: solved by looking above the south entrance to the prison and there, carved in stone, is this, along with the date 1881. Stamp solved!


Verne falcon fly sm

Good morning, good morning: I am rediscovering the delights of starting work early in the summer months, rising with the sun (or a little after!). So, this week it is sorting the practicalities for the Verne show, ‘Passage’. Last time I was there it was for the filming of  the harris hawk which, when it flew directly at me heading towards Martin’s gloved hand I could feel the downdraft from her wings on my head. What did surprise me though was how the hawk attracted, rather than scared off, gulls and rooks. As soon as they spotted that a hawk was flying then they all came to mob her. I had heard that some years back the prison brought in a falconer to clear the site of gulls, but on this evidence it is hard to see how that might have worked.


nd skimming over my head, that was when I could feel the downdraft from the wings.