Every breath you take

At school, I was never as keen on chemistry as I was on biology. However these days, the more I read about the ecological damage that we are doing to our planet the more it seems that it is chemistry that will undo us in the end. The changes will be subtle, apparently minuscule, but crucial. So as we acidify our oceans, the chemistry used by the coccolithophores to construct their elaborate protective shells turns to ’emperor’s clothes’. Chemistry, not being so far removed from biology, then makes <this Radiolab podcast> breathless listening.

Tallman Walking

Tallman Walking, what’s that all about? That pivot moment where you start to rotate the telescope and look through it from the other end; the descending whoosh as the Doppler Effect kicks in; your eldest son reaching eighteen. Why here? Well, that <hiatus> really put the cat amongst the pigeons, so this is my way of starting to walk again. And the image? Memorable, don’t you think? It has been with me for many years now, and came to mind recently. (Allegory of Prudence by Titian)