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Exhibitions & Talks


Photographing Resistance: Anatomy of a Network, (exhibition) The Forum, University of Exeter (2021)

New Forest Imaginarium, (exhibition) spudWORKS, Sway, Hampshire (2021)

The Llanthony Preview, (exhibition) Llanthony Secunda Priory, Gloucester (2021)

Pandemic Hiatus, (enforced performance), Gloucester (2020-21)

Estover for the Imagination, (exhibition/seminar) spudWORKS, Sway, New Forest  (2019)

When the Rain Stops Falling, (theatre production) Red Dog Theatre, Oxford & Cheltenham  (2019)

Hiatus: A break from exhibiting to focus on teaching (2016–19)

Bedrock & Paradox, (solo show) Innovation Centre, University of Exeter  (2016)

Practice in Calcium Carbonate, (solo show) Line Gallery (2016)

10 Degrees North-East of Basecamp, (group show), SITE Festival, Stroud (2016)

Score for a Flautist, (with flautist Tadek Chylinski-Reid), Harwick Gallery (2016)

Observatory, (group show), St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery, (2016)

Giants of Albion, Winchester Cathedral, part of the ’10 Days’ arts festival (2015)

Mycoculture, (group show) opening event for Fungusloci (2015)

After the Animal, (group show) The Subscription Rooms, Stroud (2015)

Backstories, (solo show) Stroud Valleys Artspace (2014)

Passage, (solo show) The Verne, Isle of Portland, b-side Arts Festival (2014)

A Space for the Bittern, (solo show) Waterhay Chancel, Cotswold Water Park (2014)

Unravelling Uppark, (group show) Uppark House, National Trust (2014)

Our Dynamic Earth, (group show) Holyrood, Edinburgh (2013)

Fabric of the Land, (group show) University of Aberdeen (2013)

Fresh Air, (group show) Quennington Sculpture Trust (2013)

Neoreplicants, (group show) Exeter Phoenix (2012)

Exlab, (group show) Bridport Arts Centre (2012)

A Natural History of Pseudomorphs, (solo show) b-side Arts Festival, part of the Cultural Olympiad (2012)

Petrichor, (solo show) Appledore Arts Festival (group show, 2012)

Exploratory Laboratory, The Arts University College of Bournemouth (group show, 2012)

Role Diffusion, Cheltenham Film Festival Fringe (group show, 2010)

The Drawing Show, site10 Festival, Stroud (group show, 2010)

Tuned Landscapes, Meantime Project Space, Cheltenham (2009)

On the Edge of Photography, PhotoStroud Festival (group show, 2007)

Technetium Dispatches, Elixir Arts Programme, Gloucester Hospital (2006–07)

Birds of the Antarctic, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Arundel (2004–05)

In the Light of Temporary Aims, The Swiss Church, London (group show, 2003)

Naked Memory, Brandenburg Cathedral, Germany (2002)

Liminal Animal, Prema Arts Centre, Gloucestershire (2002)

Anguilla, Blast Media Festival (2001)

Reflux #1: From Life, Stroud Valley Artspace (group show, 2001)

Cattle Market, Gloucester cattle market, produced by artNucleus Projects (2001)

Naked Nave, Gloucester cathedral, produced by artNucleus Projects (2001)

In Absentia Sofiero, Sofiero (Sweden) international exchange programme (2000)

It Happens Every Day, Gallery w139,  Amsterdam (1998)


Talk/workshop, A Space for Sound and Reflection, Arts University Bournemouth, (2017)

Talk, Follow the Material, North Devon Arts, Barnstable (2015)

Talk, I Love Philae and Philae Loves Me,  Winchester Science Centre (2015)

Talk, In Conversation, Smooth Space, Torbay (2014)

Talk, Telling the Backstories, Stroud Valleys Artspace (2014)

Talk, Sharing a Singular Way, Resonant Terrains symposium, b-side (2013)

Teaching: Tutor on the National Creative Apprenticeship Scheme, Cirencester College (2013-present)

Talk, The Artist as Writer, Bridport Arts Centre (2012)

Talk, The Art of the Blog, Corsham Arts Festival (2012)

Talk, Looking Through Other’s Eyes, University of Plymouth (2011)

Talk/workshop, Submerged (A City Under Regeneration), Architecture Dept., University of the West of England (2010)

Visiting lecturer, Fine Art, South Devon College (2010)

Symposium, Landscape, Place & Identity, Stroud (2009)

Visiting lecturer, Fine Art, Stroud College (2009)

Digital tutor, Stroud Valley Artspace (2001–09)

Visiting tutor (part-time), Gloucestershire University (1999)

Visiting tutor, Cantebury School of Art (1997)

Visiting tutor, Gloucestershire University (1997–9)

Visiting tutor, Kingston University (1998)

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