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GNB Portfolio

Here you will find a selection of works, each of which has an element relevant to the GNG residency

SURFACE TENSIONS – this immersive multi-screen installation will be installed later this year at Mottisfont Abbey, on the River Test, where the Victorian angler FM Halford founded modern dry-fly fishing. Using the geology of the underlying bedrock (chalk), Surface Tensions explores the ecology of chalk streams and the cultural legacy of Halford at a time when both the local ecology, and notions of English identity associated with Halford, are undergoing fundamental change.

* Click on the image above for link to a preview of the installation at Llanthony Priory
* Click <here> for the videos
* Click <here> for project blog on Instagram
PASSAGE (incl. RICOCHET) – an large scale multi-media installation filling three levels of fortifications of The Verne, a Napolionic fort on the Isle of Portland. At the time it was under conversion from its role as a prison to an immigration removal centre. Through a mix of video, sculpture, found objects and sound, it used the game of squash (first played in debtors’ prisons) as a lens through which to explore surveillance, confinement and forced migration.

* Click on image above project guide
* Click <here> for images of the installation
*Click <here> for link to video Ricochet
NEW FOREST IMAGINARIUM – forests are as much landscapes of the mind as of trees in the landscape: in this interactive virtual reality piece visitors could navigate their way through an ‘imaginative’ forest made from five interlinked digital dioramas, each diorama collaged from 3D scans of the New Forest. In response to what they found they could record a short piece of audio and insert it into the landscape.

* Click on image above for link to videos
SPACE FOR A BITTERN – research during this year-long residency in Cotsworld Water Park led me to focus on migration, but this time of an animal species (the bittern) away from its usual breeding grounds due to climate change. The final work, located in an old chancel close to the source of the Thames, included digitally printed bronzes, 3D animation, banners, poetry performance and a proposed architectural intervention.
PETRICHOR – This piece started with a question: “Do the technological devices by which we enlarge our understanding of nature enhance or diminish our sense of kindredness with it?”

* Click on the tranqulity map above or more details
RESEARCHING RESISTANCE (ANATOMY OF A NETWORK) – portraits of academics researching into Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) at the University of Exeter’s AMR Network. Each portrait reflected upon the nature of work undertaken by that academic, in this case philosophy.

* Click on the portrait of a philospher above for link
BIRDS OF THE ANTARCTIC – a project that transported sounds from the most southern continent to southern England and transposed sounds into images in an attempt to bring the (birdless) Antarctic Dawn Chorus closer.

*Click on the image above for installation shots
JUST ADD WATER – I’ve included this video as it incorporates the representation of data into a personal narrative about the cob building process.

* Click on the image to see the video
BETWEEN A COMET AND THE CHALK – a video interview of my residency in The Observatory artists studio situated outside the Winchester Science Centre in the South Downs National Park.

*Click on the image above for video

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