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New Forest Imaginarium

The Imaginarium is a collection of five digital dioramas. With simple hand movements you can fly through these imaginary landscapes – Mirror Forest, Sea of Grass, Island, Beach Bus and Traces – encountering individual audio recordings along the way. Each recording (sometimes spoken, sometimes in the form of music or a sound effect) tells of why the Forest is so special and valued by that person.

The dioramas have been constructed from three-dimensional LIDAR and photogrammetric scans of the Forest, which are linked together using gaming technology, with portals (see below) allowing you to move from one diorama to the next. Each diorama has its own specially composed soundscape.

This project started with a research residency (autumn 2019) at Hilltop, a heathland right on the eastern edge of the New Forest National Park bordering onto the Fawley Oil Refinery. For this I  worked with fellow artist Reinhild Beuther. This culminated in a one-day seminar, Estover for the Imagination, which included this ‘dragon stick’ (below). In 2020, during the lockdown hiatus, I developed this into the project Imaginarium.

For the Imaginarium I worked with Creative Technologist Nathanial Mason and Composer Bartholomew Mason. The residency and exhibition were supported by Mark and Tom at spudWORKS, which has its own Imaginarium page HERE. Thanks to you all.

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